Club América decides to terminate the contract of the historic footballer of the Eagles

Thursday, December 1, 2022

The America club You need to reflect on the assembly of your squad for the Closing 2023since the previous tournament Eagles they were favorites to become champions after scoring goals in different games and finishing as number one in the general table, they were left out of the league in the Semifinals against a Toluca team that took advantage of specific errors from the bluecreams to impose That is why it is so important that Fernando Ortiz raise the arrival of decisive players but also filter the elements that are no longer good enough to wear the shirt of Coapa.

One of the footballers who no longer enter into the plans of the Club America is Bruno Valdez, defender who has scored the most goals as a defender in the team’s history. It is known that the player’s contract ends until mid-2023, but the intention is to get rid of him in order to free up a place as a foreigner and be able to enlist another element that is decisive, well let’s not forget that Valdez It is one of the most criticized by the fans given the advantages it allows.

Who will be the replacement for Bruno Valdez?

The arrival of Israel Reyes makes you think that you no longer need Bruno in the team because although it could generate internal competition, there are no arguments to keep Valdez occupying a place as a foreigner if he will remain on the substitute bench. The departure of the Paraguayan does not necessarily imply that another player will be signed for that area.

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