“We need more doctors. Being a University Hospital allows us to train the professionals of the future”

A few weeks ago we learned that the Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria Hospital has been accredited as a University Hospital by the Health Department of the Community of Madrid to train undergraduate medical students from the European University of Madrid.

This new recognition enables the hospital as a health institution with a vocation for excellence, both in the generation of knowledge, transmission as in your application in attendance. To delve into this topic, today we spoke with Dr. Ignacio Martínez, managing director of the Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria University Hospital about this milestone.

What does it mean for a hospital to be accredited as a University Hospital?

Being a university hospital means achieving the last link in the chain of what a hospital can do, it allows us to train the professionals of the future. A hospital is there to care for the sick, to treat illnesses, to investigate and, finally, to teach and train the new professionals that we so badly need.

Ignacio Martínez, Managing Director of the Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria University Hospital.
Ignacio Martínez, Managing Director of the Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria University Hospital.

What is the process that a hospital follows to achieve this accreditation?

It is a long process that is marked out through a Royal Decree where the resources and means that a hospital must have to be a University Hospital are established. The number of doctors and specialists, the teaching spaces that the center may have, the specialties and the technology available are evaluated. With all this, the Ministry of Health makes an analysis and issues a report establishing whether you are qualified to teach.

In our case and during the month of May, the council analyzed all these parameters of our hospital and concluded that we deserved this accreditation, to be a University Hospital.

And for the professionals of the center, what does it mean to have to carry out this educational work in their day to day?

In our case, we have found a very committed teaching staff eager to start teaching at the hospital. And it is that medicine and teaching are very vocational professions and fortunately these two can be united with this accreditation.

This strong commitment to teaching that we have seen among our physicians is primarily because we are aware that we need more physicians today and will need them in the future. It is also because for us teaching also means learning and advancing our knowledge.

At the moment a student enters our hospital, we seek to teach them to love their work and to learn to work hard, since only satisfaction comes from those long and hard days as doctors. We teach because to care for the sick you need knowledge, but also affection and empathy that accompanies you at every moment of the disease.

Family photo of the presentation event of the Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria University Hospital that took place in November.
Family photo of the presentation event of the Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria University Hospital that took place in November.

For those students who have to start with their practical training and have to choose a center, what do you think the new Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria University Hospital can bring them?

The first thing I think students should know is that coming to Hospital Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria means coming to a hospital with history, which has been curing and caring for patients for 50 years. In addition, we have an unbeatable teaching staff, with excellent professionals who will know how to teach them not only all possible knowledge, but also teach them by example.

In addition, students can develop not only their clinical practices at the center, but also the theoretical classes of the different specialties. So that they do not waste time with transfers to the university campus, the hospital has set up a teaching area with the latest technological advances so that students can give classes. They also have a rest and study area and a teaching coordinator who, from the hospital itself, provides support to students and teachers.

Is this accreditation as a University Hospital going to influence the patient’s care?

In the future, it will have an impact on reducing the lack of doctors that currently exists in our country. We are living longer and longer and as life expectancy increases it is clear that we will need more doctors. At present, this teaching will have an impact on the patient in two ways, one, making teaching not uncomfortable for the patient, and secondly, managing to teach not only knowledge but also how to accompany the disease.

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