This will be the first woman to direct a match in a men’s soccer World Cup

The name of Stephanie Frappart is always accompanied by the word “pioneering”. The 38-year-old French referee has been opening all possible doors for a woman in the world of arbitration and when This Thursday I will direct the duel between Costa Rica and Germany it will also have passed the last step.

She will be the first woman to referee a match in a World Cup, the highest consecration for the job chosen by this native of central France who from a very young age was very clear about her vocation.

In the middle of the desert, in the Al-Bayt stadium that rises like an immense Bedouin tent on the outskirts of Al-Khor, Qatar’s second city, Frappart will write a new chapter in the history of football.

the french was the head of a group of collegiate that they had been designated by FIFA for the World Cup in Qatar, but twelve days of competition would have to pass before they were given the chance to direct a match.

Until now, they occupied the position of fourth refereeas has already happened to Frappart on two occasions in this World Cup, Mexico-Poland (0-0) and Portugal-Ghana (3-2), but the jump will be monumental during the Costa Rica-Germany, where they will have two female assistants, the Brazilian Neuza Back and the Mexican Karen Díaz.

FIFA has not given them an unimportant duel, because the Germans and the “ticos” are obliged to win if they want to continue in the competition, which augurs tension in the clash.

always the first

Nothing to scare this collegiate that she has already gotten used to directing tense matches and being in the center of the spotlight due to her feminine condition, something that she herself prefers to leave in the background so that they value her on her merits.

Last May she was the first woman to direct the French Cup final between Nantes and Nice, which was resolved with a penalty awarded in favor of the former.

Before, in April 2019, it was the first to direct a league duel in France, an Amiens-Strasbourg that opened the doors of the French arbitration elite, which he has not abandoned.

On the contrary, Frappart has also been growing at a continental level and in August 2019 UEFA entrusted it with the reins of the final of the Super Cup that faced Liverpool and Chelsea, which the former won in the penalty shootout.

A few days later, she kicked off the Nations League duel between Malta and Latvia (1-1), making her the first woman to referee an international men’s national team match.

He only had to wait three months to be commissioned Juventus Turin-Dynamo kyiv of the Champions League (3-0), another merit on her resume, and in the Eurocup of 2021 she knew a final phase of selections, although she was only the fourth referee.

frappart You already know what refereeing is a World Cup. She did it in the 2019 women’s, where her prestige made her name an evidence for the final between the United States and the Netherlands (2-0).

Now, makes the leap to the men’s competitionthe most prestigious and followed in the world.

A new door opens for women’s refereeing, through which two other referees also selected for the Qatar 2022 refereeing body can enter, the Rwandan Salima Mukansanga and the Japanese Yamashita Yoshimi.

The French referee does not count on stopping there. His name can return to the present from the round of 16 and the direct elimination matches, which are always more committed.

She is willing to continue marking history. It only remains to be seen if FIFA too.

Stéphanie Frappart will mark history this Thursday at the World Cup in Qatar. EFE PHOTO

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