They will see the game in Mexico… and run to the airport!

Doha.- Dozens of Mexican fans have been seen outside the Lusail stadium loaded with suitcases.

The reason is that a few hours after they face each other, Tricolor and Saudi Arabia have their return flight to Mexico at dawn, Qatar time.

The modern stadium has a special locker area for the care of belongings.

“Everything was like this from the beginning, finishing, let’s go,” said Jaime Báez, who lives in Mexico City.

“On dates it will be cheaper to take the return flight than on other days that were very expensive.”

Like a good Mexican, to the races?

“Yes, the whole World Cup I have been at the races because I have been in up to four games in one day,” he replied.

Miguel Gutiérrez and Rafael Revilla, also from Mexico City, arrived on the outskirts of Lusail with their suitcases an hour and a half later to fly to Paris, France.

Although their itinerary is very tight, they hoped to arrive.

“We already have 15 days here, it’s over and we go to the airport running, as it should be. We have the flight at 1:30,” Gutiérrez said calmly.

And if they will arrive?

“First we see the victory of Mexico 4-0 and from there we go,” he replied.

Revilla said that it does make them a little nervous due to the tightness of time.

“We’re going to leave at the end of the second half, then, then, let’s go!” Revilla said.

The game is over around 12:00 Qatar time. When leaving it is slow to take the subway or a taxi due to the number of people in the place.

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