They don’t give one in the World Cup and they don’t want to be criticized, Andrés Guardado got fed up with the negative atmosphere in the National Team

Andrés Guardado at a press conference last Tuesday.
Andrés Guardado at a press conference last Tuesday.

The time has come, Mexico faces its own ghosts in a match against Saudi Arabia where there are many things at stake. From the outset, the Mexican National Team is obliged to win the match, a situation that forces it to score at least two goals or win and wait for the result between Poland and Argentina to begin to calculate the different tiebreak criteria. . The only scenario that gives Mexico a direct pass to the round of 16 is a 4-0 victory.

It is to be expected that, at some point, the pressure generated outside the Mexican National Team will affect the concentration of the players and, finally, Andrés Guardado accepted that it is difficult to be in a World Cup. The Little Prince commented: “It is a great pressure to be here. We believe in our chances, no one tells us it’s impossible.”

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On the subject of the fans, Andrés Guardado commented that he “would love for them to be with us”, within the Tricolor they are aware that the lack of a goal is the characteristic that has most disappointed the fans, who are skeptical about the possibilities that has the team qualify for the round of 16.

Finally, the captain commented that they are not in charge of asking the fans for support with words, but that it is the role of the team on the field of play that has to make the fans reconcile with the team.

the captain’s words

However, taking into account the performances that the team has had in Qatar 2022, it is difficult for people to feel optimistic about the team, to which he commented: “you have to show it on the field, not with words. That they support us and then judge what happened on the pitch”, thus demanding that the support come first and then the judgments about what happened on the pitch.

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