Queta Lavat, the star who succeeds on TikTok but can’t get a job on TV

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - JUNE 5: Queta Lavat poses with the 'Ariel de Oro'  for her trajectory during the 60th Ariel Awards at Palacio de Bellas Artes on June 5, 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico.  (Photo by Pedro Martin González Castillo/Getty Images)

Queta Lavat was recognized with the Ariel de Oro for her 60-year career at the 2018 ceremony (Photo: Pedro Martín González Castillo/Getty Images).

Talk about Queta Lavat It is also remembering the Golden Age of Mexican cinema alongside Pedro Infante, Sara García, Jorge Negrete, and Irma Dorantes. He also had the pleasure of doing dubbing for various series such as The Fox either The Jetsonsand on the small screen in large productions such as soap operas one step into the abyss, Fightor more current series such as The Rose of Guadalupe either as the saying goes.

But even with the extensive acting career of more than eight decades, the actress has lived away from the forums and for more than a year she decided to give her career a new turn: in the absence of work, became a content creator on TikTok.

“I am very happy with my TikTok, I have many followers there and a lot of success, thank God. Very funny, very nice, with all the comments they make me are very nice, TikTok makes me very happy, we continue there,” said the first actress after a “social” visit to the Televisa offices, where she made some episodes for the telenovela, SOS, I’m falling in love in 2021.

Lavat’s absence on television, he says, has only one reason: “right now there is no job, there are no grannies! What do you want us to do? There are few roles for people my age, I understand it…” said the 93-year-old artist.

His statement recalls the words of his professional colleague Ignacio López Tarso, who last July lamented the lack of opportunities for actors like him (97 years old) who, despite his prestige and enthusiasm to continue in front of any stage, are not called up and they refuse to withdraw.

Lavat, therefore, has had to diversify to remain present. Since she launched her TikTok account (almost two years after joining the social network, she is about to reach 735,000 followers), the actress shares videos with knitting tips, anecdotes from her life, some family memories, sayings, cooking recipes , “and other things that occur to me”.

In fact, Your recipes are the contents that abound in your account, from making a simple tomato soup, a quick snack with surimi, dry noodles, green mole, and more. Thanks to them, he also received other job offers to have his own segment on the Estaban Arce newscast and on the television magazine Today.

“To my TikTok followers, I’m going to give you new Christmas recipes on the Esteban Arce newscast, I’ve already recorded all of December, and new ones in January, lots of news” on the short video platform, he announced. And thinking about capturing all those dishes in a book, that idea is ruled out, he said.

But is the opportunity to see her in some dramatic production far away?

“We’ll come, we’ll have grannies,” says the actress. And 2023 is right around the corner.


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