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Ecuador suffered from before Clément Turpin’s whistle, who whistled a penalty for Senegal four minutes from the end of the first half. The African champion beat Tricolor 1-0 with a goal from Ismaila Sarr’s maximum penalty at minute 43, which partially decides the duel and the qualification of the Leones del Teranga to the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar.

The Ecuadorian central defender Piero Hincapié arrives late and overwhelms the Senegalese attacker (minute 41). The ball was not in dispute.

They go shoulder to shoulder, but it’s a penalty because they don’t both fight for the ball: Hincapié hits him. The Bayer Leverkusen defender gets out of his zone (left) in order to help Félix Torres on the right of the central block. He takes over, but ends up crashing and displacing Sarr.

Shoulder to shoulder is valid when two players are in dispute for the ball, that is, the ball does not have a dominator and two rival players are going to try to seize the ball.

Piero Hincapié (below) brings down Ismaila Sarr despite colliding shoulder to shoulder with the Senegalese striker in the action. Photo: Esteban Biba

Ecuador loses at halftime and is currently eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar with the second half to go, in which they need at least a draw to maintain their qualification for the round of 16, after a first half in which they were beaten by his opponent, with more chances.


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