‘Enough of making us assholes!’, Pélaez goes against owners and managersParttime

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After removal of Mexico in the Qatar World Cup 2022, Ricardo Pelaez on the TUDN show, The Masters in La Jugadagot ‘warmed up’ and blew up the owners and managers of Mexican soccer.

Pélaez was very upset and pointed out that those who are responsible for the failure should be removed, as well as those who have helped Aztec football remain stagnant.

“Let’s run whoever we have to run; owners, coaches, managers, media, television stations,” said the former director of Chivasalthough he also stressed that he was not asking for someone’s head.

“Let’s solve problems, but enough of being stupid because that is the reality and we are going to take firm steps. We do not ask for anyone’s head, that is the reality, but if we tell the owners, they already fix the timeshare, it is said that there is no more investors, it’s not because there are more investors because of timeshare”.

“Didn’t they say that the television rights were going to be shared? And none of that has been fixed, let’s fix those problems for the owners, the economic benefit has been much more than the sports benefit. This is one of the biggest failures in the last 20, 25 years in the history of Mexican soccer. We hit rock bottom, it’s a resounding failure and it’s everyone’s fault: managers, players, coaches and the media,” he said.

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