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December begins and everywhere, many groups of friends, work colleagues, school, university, etc., will begin to organize the “famous” farewells of the year. Food and drink are not lacking in these festivities, so health professionals recommend taking precautions when drinking, not abusing alcohol and being responsible, AIM recorded.

So that the festivities do not lose their charm and are really a moment of meeting and well-being, it is recommended to drink in moderation and pay attention to hygiene recommendations for preparing and preserving food.

In addition to the abusive intake of alcohol, copious meals or meals prepared without the proper handling conditions carry, at this time, greater risks of contracting some of the Foodborne Diseases (ETA) such as Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome and salmonella.

The most common consultation for excessive alcohol consumption is carried out by adolescents and young people and unfortunately this behavior is minimized and even justified by adults who consider it “a fashion” or a habit “of age”.

The reality is very different, excessive alcohol consumption among adolescents is related to street violence, traffic incidents and serious organic disorders, so any of these conditions puts the life of the consumer and the people around them at risk. .

Beware of children and pregnant women
Another point to keep in mind is to be alert with children. Many little ones out of curiosity or accidentally ingest alcoholic beverages from the glasses that adults leave within their reach during dinner.

They recommend paying attention to these situations and suspecting possible ingestion whenever loss of gait stability or vomiting is observed in children. They also advise offering liquids to children frequently and having easily identifiable glasses for them.

On the other hand, doctors warn that any amount of alcohol consumed by a pregnant woman poses a risk to the fetus, so it is ideal that they not drink.

Breastfeeding women should try to breastfeed for at least two hours after drinking alcohol. Small amounts of drink change the smell and taste of breast milk, and larger amounts can intoxicate the baby.

On the other hand, alcohol interacts with countless medications and can cause poisoning when combined with sedatives, antidepressants, antihistamines and anticoagulants, so it is recommended to consult a doctor before drinking.

other accidents
On the other hand, regarding the use of bottles with sparkling drinks, specialists point out that it is good to cover the corks before uncovering the bottle, avoid spraying sparkling drinks and not look directly at the bottles when they are uncovered, or point them at other people.

However, uncovering the bottles is not the only dangerous thing. The problem deepens when it is passed to consumption and worsens with excesses.

Undoubtedly, alcohol abuse can play tricks on us: learn to have fun these holidays without harming your health. Alcohol and fats are the cause of most gastroenteritis and colic that occur on these dates.

The ‘binges’ are usually associated with alcohol consumption: a few beers with the aperitif, wine during lunch or dinner, as well as drinks to finish. The risks caused by excessive alcohol consumption range from inflammation of the pancreas and headaches to liver and gastric disorders. The ideal would be not to exceed two glasses of wine at each meal.

Acute gastritis is a frequent ailment that arises with copious meals typical of parties. Inflammation of the stomach mucosa causes serious problems that are often aggravated by the consumption of high-grade alcohol such as vodka or rum, since ethanol erodes the stomach walls.

Who can not drink alcohol
All people suffering from chronic diseases of the liver, nervous system and pancreas should be prohibited from alcohol. In addition, we must be careful with medicines: we will read the package insert to find out if the treatment allows us to drink. Those who suffer from psychiatric problems will also have to abstain from alcohol. And, of course, those who are going to take the car should forget about the drinks.

The doses that people admit depend a lot on sex, age, weight and genetic factors, but also on the constitution and health of each one.

Drink little and accompanied by food
Spending a pleasant and healthy December does not mean that we have to abstain from alcoholic beverages, as long as the intake is moderate and accompanied by food, since the fuller the stomach is, the longer it will take for alcohol to reach the blood.
Foods high in calories and fat slow down the absorption of alcohol.
We will also have to avoid the abuse of cocktails, especially if they are accompanied by soft drinks. The carbonic acids in soft drinks with bubbles facilitate the passage of alcohol through our body, which accentuates the toxic effect of liquor, and allows it to act sooner.

Women will have to be more careful with alcohol because they have less water in their bodies, which means higher blood alcohol concentrations are produced. Your liver also has less metabolizing capacity.

What to do to overcome a hangover
Once we have drunk more than necessary, there is no remedy: we will have to suffer the dreaded hangover. Home remedies against this annoying companion only mitigate its symptoms, since it is necessary for a few hours to elapse for the body to eliminate all alcohol from the blood.

The first thing we will have to do is sleep well and rest enough. A shower as soon as we get up stimulates circulation, much more if it ends with a little cold water. The food will be light and easily digestible: foods rich in vitamins B and C facilitate the elimination of toxins. Aspirin, ibuprofen or similar will serve to end the general malaise and a cup of coffee will stimulate our body and help us wake up.

It is not highly recommended to stay at home all day, as migraines are accentuated. The best thing is to distract yourself and do moderate exercise: take a walk, go out for coffee, go to the movies. We will let a few hours pass from the last drink until bedtime. Another fundamental fact: drinking a lot of water is essential to eliminate alcohol, both before going to sleep, and in the middle of a hangover.

the danger of driving
Official organizations in Argentina, provinces and municipalities carry out campaigns to avoid driving if you drink alcohol.

Emphasis is placed on the danger posed by the consumption of alcohol and drugs while driving during the festive season.

The intake of large amounts of food, tiredness or sleep, alcohol consumption, etc. They are fateful elements when driving.

Alcohol and drug use have effects on vision and behavior. For example, it is easier for an oncoming vehicle to dazzle us and we have a much lower perception of risk. As there are fewer daylight hours, visibility is also worse and weather conditions, such as fog, snow or rain, require us to put all five senses behind the wheel.

So, if you are going to drive after a celebration, be careful with:
Copious meals.
Alcohol consumption.
Drug use.
Fatigue, tiredness or sleepiness.
It is preferable that a friend who has not consumed alcohol drive or that we travel by taxi.

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