Cavani and the controversial message to Diego Alonso after defeatHalftime

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Despite the fact that Uruguayan national team You still have the chance to qualify Round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup 2022it seems that the loss to Portugal left the South American team very affected, last of the Group H.

After the game in which the Charrúas lost 2-0 against the Portuguese, Edinson CavanoYo launched a controversial phrase related to Diego Alonso, Uruguayan team strategist.

In the mixed zone they asked the Valencia player about Why can’t you find a return to the situation in Uruguay? in the World Cup, where he barely accumulates 1 unit after the tie that he achieved against South Korea.

“You have to ask Alonso that. Ask himhe will be able to talk to you more tactically about what can happen”, Cavani mentioned for the media Teledoce with a very serious tone.

“The truth that there is a bitter taste left to lose, knowing that we have a potential greatand to be able to give more. Leaving points like this, which in the end costs, losing points in a World Cup is something very complicated, it leaves a bitter taste, “he added.

‘We didn’t go out to win’

Another of the players who spoke about what happened against the Portuguese was Josema Gimenezwhich highlighted that the team did not jump onto the field in search of the three points and regretted that the potential of the selected Charrúas is not taken advantage of.

“The same thing happened in the first game. We didn’t go out to winWe entered a little doubtfully with our football, the game we have, which sometimes, no matter how hard it is for us, is there. It is one of the facets that we still have not fully taken out in the matches. There remains a feeling of great bitterness because we have a great team, great players and we are not leaving. We are not contributing the football that we really have. It’s a shame“, said.

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