Carlos Rivera “unmasked” the wife of Eduardo Capetillo

Carlos Rivera "unmasked" to Capetillo's wife
Carlos Rivera “unmasked” Capetillo’s wife

Carlos Rivera is, in addition to being a successful internationally recognized Mexican singer and songwriter, one of the artists with the greatest presence today. Over the course of four years, Rivera has participated as a researcher in the successful reality show “Who is the Mask?”positioning himself as one of the most representative figures of the program.

Last Sunday, during the last transmission broadcast, the interpreter of “That what is ours stays ours”, He did not hesitate to argue that the artist behind the character “Triki” is nothing more and nothing less than the talented wife of Eduardo Capetillo: Biby Gaytan.

More news from Eduardo Capetillo:

Carlos’ analysis consisted of intertwining small clues that “Triki” has been releasing throughout his participation in the reality show, such as some Ballet slippers, a discipline that Biby has been practicing for many years; the phrase “dance with Me”title of an unforgettable telenovela starring Gaytán, as well as the main theme of the story –performed by the same actress– and, finally, her place of birth: the jungleremembering that Capetillo’s wife is originally from Tapachula, Chiapas.

When giving his final prognosis, Rivera bet on his successful research work, keeping his position firm and causing a stir on social networks with his prediction. Users of Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, mainly, commented to agree with the singer, speculating and investigating in greater depth the relationship between “Triki” and Eduardo’s admired wife.

Predictions about the true identity of “Triki”

Even when Carlos Rivera’s arguments seem irrefutable, the rest of the panelists have expressed very different opinions, trying to link the data to the life and career of other artists. For Yuri, the actress behind the interesting character is fernanda castillo; for Juanpa, the extraordinary Bianca Marroquincontrary to Galilea Montijo, who predicts it will be Barbara de Regil the figure that will surprise you by “taking off the mask”.

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