Bolillo Gómez kept his word and resigned from Bucaramanga

Hernán Darío ‘Bolillo’ Gómez will not finally be the coach of Atletico Bucaramanga by 2023. The man from Antioquia had been presented at the Leopardo club on November 16 and 13 days later he made the radical decision to leave the discipline, according to the club’s statement, motivated by pressure from the fans.

“The decision made by the Antioquia coach and his coaching staff They are a consequence of the discomfort caused by a sector of the bar in recent days. Likewise, the nonconformist comments expressed by some fans and the insults against the new coaching staff were decisive in abandoning the sports project,” the team said in the statement.

However, it is said that the 66-year-old would have made this decision due to breaches in the conformation of the squad, as he himself had assured in the presentation press conference, where he commented that if there was not a good consolidation of players, he was going to leave.

Precisely the determination of the World Cup coach came to fruition last Tuesday, after the club itself reported in a statement on the output of 10 playersincluding two that were key during 2022 as Dayro Moreno and goalkeeper Juan Camilo Chaverra.

Precisely about Dayro Moreno, there are versions that assure that Bolillo planned to keep him among his ranks and others that speak of the alleged pressure from the leopard fans on the coach for having been the person responsible for the departure of the Tolimense striker.

The coach was seen on Tuesday back in Medellín and The directives are already beginning to consider replacement possibilities in technical leadership to assume and take charge of the 2023 project.

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