Behind the scenes of Mattia Binotto’s resignation as head of Ferrari in Formula 1: who would be his replacement

Mattia Binotto has been in charge of Ferrari since 2019 (REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger/File Photo)
Mattia Binotto has been in charge of Ferrari since 2019 (REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger/File Photo)

The 2022 season of the Formula 1 ended on Sunday November 20 in Abu Dhabi and a few minutes after max verstappen achieved his fifteenth victory in the year who revalidated his crown with Red Bull, the eyes of the planet moved to about 550 kilometers and positioned themselves in Qatar, where the Soccer World Cup. However, this Tuesday the environment of the Maxim came out of its peace with the confirmation of an open secret, the departure of Mattia Binotto as head of Ferrari.

Two Italian media anticipated the news. The Gazzetta dello Sport He did it in the Abu Dhabi preview and stated that Ferrari was analyzing replacing to Mattia Binotto by Fredric Vasseurteam leader alfa romeo. Social networks burned and Binotto was a trend. But from Maranello they denied those versions. However, last Friday the Corriere della Sera advanced the separation of the 53-year-old Italian engineer.

According to motorsportthe leak of the news would have been from Charles Leclerc’s entourage, and the Scuderia confirmed it: “Ferrari announces that it has accepted the resignation of Mattia Binotto, who will leave his post as Scuderia Ferrari team manager on December 31 ”.

Binotto, for his part, indicated “with the regret that this entails, I have decided to end my collaboration with Ferrari. I am leaving a company that I love, of which I have been a part for many years. 28 years, with the serenity that comes from the conviction that I have done my best to achieve the goals set. I leave a united and growing team. A strong team, willing, I am sure, to reach the highest goals, to whom I wish all the best for the future. I think it is right to take this step, even though it was a difficult decision for me. I thank all the people at Gestione Sportiva who have shared this path with me, made up of difficulties but also of great satisfaction”.

Charles Leclerc achieved the world runner-up (REUTERS / Aleksandra Szmigiel)
Charles Leclerc achieved the world runner-up (REUTERS / Aleksandra Szmigiel)

la rossa He clarified in his press report that the process of “identifying the new Principal Team” had begun and that this search and selection should end in the new year.

Although Ferrari had several strategic errors in the recent exercise, the engine of its F1-75 in several races was at the level of that of Red Bull and in fact surprised the Austrian team at the beginning of the season, in which Leclerc he won two of the first three races of the season and that excited the typhoids.

But the Monegasque then fell victim to a series of mistakes, such as making him enter the pits at the same moment as his teammate. Carlos Sainza role that marked the Monaco Grand Prix.

Over the course of the year, Binotto’s continuity began to hang by a thread and according to the official F1 site, when the CEO of Ferrari, Louis Camilleri, retired from his position with immediate effect in December 2020, Binotto’s position weakened. Camillieri and his predecessor, Sergio Marchionne, they had great confidence in Binotto. They believed in his abilities and backed him to turn the fortunes of Ferrari around.

But when Camillieri left, Binotto found himself somewhat alone. Without that support, and with the biggest job in F1, the pressure grew. But Mattia never publicly criticized the team, instead choosing to discuss things privately and resolve issues internally rather than try to be the scapegoat.

The production that Ferrari did in Monza, one of its temples.  It was in September, when Binotto already had one foot outside (REUTERS / Jennifer Lorenzini)
The production that Ferrari did in Monza, one of its temples. It was in September, when Binotto already had one foot outside (REUTERS / Jennifer Lorenzini)

Despite the Verstappen-Red Bull dominance, this year Ferrari improved its performance and was able to finish second in the Constructors’ World Championship. Leclerc did the same in the Pilots. Under Binotto’s orders, the Maranello team improved the work in the wind tunnel, which had long held them back in terms of development. It was also a reference with the latest generation simulator for drivers that is now the best in F1.

On the Wednesday before the race in Abu Dhabi, the call from the Ferrari president, John Elkann, the Wednesday before the race, gave Binotto peace of mind. However, upon his return to Maranello he would have been received by the leadership of the leadership and they indicated his disagreement. Before he became a trend again on social networks because he “was fired”, Mattia understood that it was better to be with the news of his resignation.

Charles Leclerc and Frédéric Vasseur worked together at Alfa Romeo in 2018 (DPA)
Charles Leclerc and Frédéric Vasseur worked together at Alfa Romeo in 2018 (DPA)

With confirmation of your departure again Vasseur He stepped forward to succeed Binotto in office. The 54-year-old Frenchman is well regarded in Maranello for his management skills after having been in charge of Renault (today Alpine) and the key role in helping Audi to partner with Sauber, the structure that assists the Alfa Romeo team. Add to that his strong bond with Leclerc (he made his F1 debut at Alfa Romeo in 2018).

While, beyond the formality of December 31, Binotto has already begun a vacation that may be short since it would be on the radar of other squads such as Alpine and Aston Martin. There is also the chance for Audi to enter its partnership with Sauber in 2026, if it is confirmed that Vasseur succeeds him at Ferrari.

The engines of the Máxima were turned off on Sunday, November 20, but the atmosphere does not stop. After the versions and denials, another race at Ferrari has now begun, which is to confirm his new team boss. Everything would indicate that from the first day of 2023 he would already have his top manager and Vasseur would already be trying out the red clothes.

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