Assertive communication: A tool to improve our relationships and our personal well-being

The way you interact with others can become a considerable source of stress in life. Assertive Training allows you to reduce it, by learning a series of social and communication skills.

The use of an assertive communication style implies the presence of a basic philosophy centered on respect for others and, fundamentally, for oneself. In addition, it is necessary to know how to handle a series of techniques and skills that we can use when putting this style into practice in different situations that we can find ourselves in our day to day.

The person with an assertive communication style is the one capable of expressing their feelings, ideas and opinions, doing so in a way that, defending their own rights, meticulously respects those of others, adapting to the context where communication occurs and contributing to facilitate the resolution of immediate and future problems related to communication.

It is not about becoming irascible, “complaining”, cold or calculating; but we have the right to protect ourselves in situations that seem unfair or excessive, and each one knows better than anyone else what bothers or needs. In addition, you can express your likes and interests spontaneously, you can talk about yourself without feeling self-conscious, you can accept compliments without feeling uncomfortable, you can disagree with people openly, you can ask for clarification of things and you can say ” No”.

Assertive Training is a way of effectively dealing with the conflicts that coexistence with others poses to all of us. In short, when you are an assertive person there is greater relaxation in interpersonal relationships.

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