“A resignation is not necessary, the owners decide”

The president of the Mexican Soccer Federation spoke that there will be adjustments in the number of foreigners, promotions and relegation.

The president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, Yon de Luisaspoke after the elimination of the Mexican team of Qatar World Cup and assured that he remains in his position, together with the director of national teams, Jaime Ordiales, since those who make the decision are the owners of equipment in Mexico.

“A resignation is not necessary, the owners will make the decision, it is the end of a World Cup cycle.”

Said the manager who added that an analysis will be made in the next 60 days, together with the director of national teams, Jaime Ordialesto improve after the “failure” of Qatar.

“It was only one goal away from avoiding failure… Structural changes will be made, such as the number of foreigners, promotions and relegation,” said the manager.

Louise’s He accepted that he was wrong by not making changes to the structure of the threeand thanked the fans for their support, as well as the clubs, assuring that thanks to them not everything has been bad in these four years.

“The restructuring of the sports area did not happen before and it is one of the mistakes of the presidency and I assume it. There were also positive things and he won the gold medal and a gold Cup. Missing analysis of James and the sports area. Today is the day to recognize it and work on the definitive analysis ”, he pointed out.

For his part, Louise’s ensured that the next technical director of the Mexican team He must be accountable to the sports director, this to prevent him from taking all the power within the decisions that are made in the calls and sports decisions.

“Without a doubt (it must render accounts), that is how the structure is stipulated and that is how it should be. It is one of the factors why we did the restructuring. The coach has to report to the director of national teams and has to know that he is the person who took him to the position and that is the responsibility that he assumed Jaime (Ordiales)”, asserted the head honcho of the FMF.

In addition, he accepted that the FIFA notified them of the investigation they will carry out for the homophobic yell that appeared in the last game against Saudi Arabiaand expressed that the referee of the match could better carry out the actions to avoid this situation.

“Regarding the investigation, we received today confirmation of it that will be carried out by the FIFA. We will wait for the condicent times as in previous matches and we will wait for the resolution. We work with the FIFA and Concacaf to prevent and he controlled himself very well in both games and almost in all of the last game”.

“We recognize that it is a joint effort and the referees where we compete are trained to be able to resolve situations and we believe that if there had been a yellow card on the occasions that the goalkeeper made time, it would not have happened,” he said.

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