What is the Golden Visa and how to achieve residence outside the United States

The requirements to access this highly requested option by US citizens.

Citizens of the United States and other countries who wish to settle in another country have the possibility of applying for a Golden Visa or Golden Visa.

According to the latest report from the firm Get Golden Visa, in 2022 the number of applications for this option increased and it is expected that they will continue to increase.

Immigrants with a European passport are full citizens.

Immigrants with a European passport are full citizens.

What is the Golden Visa about?

The Golden Visa or Golden Visa is a permit that allows people and their dependent family members to obtain permanent or temporary residence in a country through an investment.

The investment required varies according to the destination sites. Although, as explained in the article on the El Nuevo Herald portalthe acquisition of real estate, the subscription of investment funds, the transfer of capital or the donation are included in this alternative.

After five to ten years of continuous residence with this modality, in certain countries you can apply for citizenship.

When obtaining dual citizenship in a European Union country, the note continues, the person or family group will be full members of this economic community.

The Golden Visa with Spain

This is the residence visa most requested by foreign investors in Spain seeking to become residents of the European Union.

As the El Nuevo Herald note explains, the requirements to obtain it are the following:

– Buy real estate for a minimum value of 500,000 euros.

– Create and develop a business project.

Spain, one of the sites chosen to process the Golden Visa Photo REUTERS/Susana Vera.

Spain, one of the sites chosen to process the Golden Visa Photo REUTERS/Susana Vera.

– Invest in shares or make bank deposits in Spanish entities for at least one million euros.

– Buy government bonds of that country with a value of at least two million euros.

In this case, it takes around 20 days for the residency to be approved.. The permit will be valid for two years and renewable for five more.

Other countries that offer Golden Visa

Within the European Union, these are the options: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain.

This type of visa is also available in Europe, Switzerland and Ireland.

In the rest of the world, the golden visas of Australia, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Singapore stand out.

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