What is known about his health and his fight against cancer

What a difficult time for football. While the pambolero world celebrates in the Qatar World Cup 2022, one of the greatest players to have set foot on a court, faces a complicated battle for his health. Yes, we bring you the bad news that Pelé was hospitalized in an emergency again in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Perhaps you remember that he had been admitted last September, but this time it was not planned.

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or globe —the middle of Brazil— account that Pele He was taken to the hospital overnight by his wife and a nurse after he there will be swelling on your body.

So far, the hospital has not published any bulletin on the health of oh king, but the former soccer player is undergoing a series of studies this Wednesday to assess his situation. The thing looks difficult. According to the Brazilian media, Pele he arrived at the hospital in Sao Paulo with some complicated symptoms.

or globe say what PeleIn addition to the swelling, he had some symptoms of heart failure. “Another problem reported by the medical team is that the chemotherapy practiced in the last months no longer showed a response”points out the Brazilian media.

Let’s remember that the ex-soccer player —who is already 82 years old— it was detected with colon cancer a few months ago and since then he has received studies, medical attention and of course, the media reflectors have been practically on top of everything that happens to his health.

Pelé’s daughter sent a brief statement through her Instagram.

Message from Pelé’s daughter // Instagram screenshot

Despite the attention paid to his case, Kely Nascimento He said that “there is no surprise, no emergency” in Pelé’s hospitalization. The daughter of the former Brazilian soccer player said that she will visit him in the New Year to send some photos.

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