We treat anemia with Chinese medicine at Estando Contigo

At Estando Contigo we love to take good care of our bodies and who better to help us with this than our doctor and acupuncturist Juan José Sánchez.

This time he comes to teach us Chinese medicine tricks to treat anemia. This pathology is usually frequent and produces symptoms such as weakness, paleness, palpitations and can even affect our mood. Chinese medicine helps to induce the bone marrow to produce blood and red blood cells.

The first point to treat that Dr. Sánchez shows us is on the forehead, right in the center where the hair begins. This point will help prevent the symptoms caused by anemia from affecting our psyche.

The second point is located just between the knuckles of the ring and little fingers and the third is behind the ankle. Both points will induce the production of blood and red blood cells.

The last point is located just above the knee, called in Chinese medicine ‘sea of ​​blood’, and will induce the strengthening, revitalization and purification of blood formation.

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