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A Hawaiian woman claims to have broken up with her boyfriend after he charged her for the medicine she had asked him to buy. Through her TikTok account, user Jackie Li, identified as @jackieli852, shared details of what happened.

According to what she said, she and her partner had been together for four years; However, everything changed when one day he decided to ask her to buy a cold medicine.

“Once I felt very sick and I asked my boyfriend at that time if he could buy me a cold medicine on the way home,” the young woman began by explaining.

“So after the job was done, he stopped by CVS (pharmacy) and bought some DayQuil for me. Really nice of you, I really appreciate it.”he added.

Her boyfriend came home with the medicine and, after taking a few spoonfuls, she went to sleep; however, remember to get up and get a tremendous surprise.

“He, Venmo (collection and payment app), charged me $7 for cold medicine”recalled Jackie, who when speaking about the subject mentioned that she prefers couples to be more understanding with expenses.

“I think I prefer a relationship where it’s like, ‘Hey, I’ll take care of this, you do it next time,’ and we don’t track our spending dollar for dollar,” he said. “I should have known, but you know, we’re not together anymore, so it wasn’t meant to be.”.

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The user’s story It went viral with more than 5 million views. and several people sympathized with her. Some even shared their own stories.

“My ex asked me to give him $2 for fries once…literally so embarrassing,” wrote one user. “My ex charged me $2.99 ​​for windshield washer fluid because while he was using my car it ran out and he had to buy more,” said another.

“My ex of 2 years charged me for the avocado he wanted at the supermarket while we were shopping for dinner,” mentioned a third netizen.

What is a viral video?

A viral video is a recording that becomes popular after several people share it through the internet through social networks, online services or specialized websites such as YouTube.

The reason why is shared is because it causes furor and impact in the viewers who view it, motivating them to spread it among all their acquaintances, and these in turn with their close circles and so on until reaching millions of views.

A viral video can have various types of content, ranging from humorous to tragic.and although in some cases, it could hurt sensibilities, it can reach a large number of reproductions in a short time.

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