They reveal how Messi will take care of himself if he finds Canelo Álvarez

Lionel Messi / Saul Alvarez
Lionel Messi / Saul Alvarez


A few days ago a controversy arose between Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez Y Lionel Messi, since the Mexican boxer left a series of threats on his Twitter account for the 10th of the Argentine National Team. Álvarez’s annoyance arose as a result of the video in which the soccer player allegedly kicks the Tri shirt, something that outraged the Mexican boxer.

Given this, several sports figures tried to explain, without much success, the reason why Messi left the shirt on the ground. three. However, it seems that Álvarez was not satisfied with the explanations, since he had some extra friction with those defenders of the Argentine star, as was the case with Sergio Agüero.

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Now an application that can save Messi from meeting ‘Canelo’ has gone viral. According to Record, said app is called messimetral, a page that can show you the distance between the Mexican boxer and the Albiceleste soccer player. The page has gone viral and there are those who took it with a certain sense of humor.

Messimetral: the page that has gone around the world

So far the page indicates a distance of 14 thousand 197 kilometers between Álvarez and Messi, so we can say that the footballer can rest easy not to meet the world champion. According to the page, the boxer is in his native Jalisco, Mexico, while Messi is in Doha, Qatar.

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