The harsh criticism of Rafa Márquez after the elimination of El Tri in QatarHalftime

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The elimination of Mexico in the group stage of the World Cup Qatar 2022 slang deep in one of the legends of the Tri, as is the case of raphael I dialedz. And it is that the Kaiser considered that the World Cup failure is a blow that knocked out Mexican soccer, from which they must learn not to repeat the role in 2026 where they will be hosts.

“It is a strong blow for Mexican soccer, to realize that we are not what we think: we do not have a good organization, we do not have good foundations, we do not have good bases. Already the United States has surpassed usit is no longer passing Canada without being a power, so what do we have to do? Starting overget together and try to do a great project, because this It can’t happen in the next World Cup where we are going to be at home”, the Michoacan fanned in a chat with TUDN.

The ex of the Barcelona signaled that the Mexican soccer did not learn the lesson when was thrashed by Chili (7-0) in the 2016 Copa América, despite the fact that this was a wake-up call, which is why today they ran into this harsh reality in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar when they were eliminated in the Group Phase.

“(The win against Chile) was a call of attention that we had to do something else, and this today is a slap in the face, which almost knocked us out. We have to think about what we have What to do to have a better Mexican soccerto be able to develop better players, to be able to bring more Mexican players to Europe and thus be able to grow as a country in terms of football,” he explained.

Elimination let him down

Rafa Márquez acknowledged that he is upset by stake of Mexico in the World Cup in Qatar, because the team did not take it with the attitude required to face a competition of such magnitude, so they simply tried to correct his performance in the last game against Saudi Arabia.

“I am sad, disappointed, unfortunately we are left on the edge. we had that react until the last match to be able to demonstrate the capabilities of the Mexican team and unfortunately didn’t reach us.”

“The attitude of first match I raised doubts that they could reach the Round of 16, the attitude today, they should have shown that against Poland, that desire to want to win, I attribute to that that they could not get the classification and we fell short“, he finished.

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