Salma Hayek and the mini black dress that favors the figure

Do you have your outfit ready for these holidays? If not, this wonderful look that Salma Hayek wore is a good source of inspiration, because with its simplicity and elegance it makes anyone over 30 look perfect.

It was through one of the many Instagram accounts dedicated to collecting her memories, where a reel was shared with various images of her entering an event in a black Midi dress.

To the taste of many of his fans, Salma Hayek She chose to wear the skirt above her knees and frame her silhouette with tight-fitting figures, in addition to letting the “v” neckline take center stage.

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Salma Hayek and the mini black dress that favors the figure. Source: Instagram


And it is that, as the actress herself has said on several occasions, her purpose is to show that women at any age can be seductive and feel good about their bodies. Before this, fans of her started a lot of compliments.

“My love you look magnificent and so sexy baby I’m crazy about you”, “Beautiful my love”, “So beautiful good motivator”, “My beautiful Angel”, “Ultimate beauty looking sensational”, “Extremely beautiful!”, “OMG!!! Who is that beautiful woman,” it read.

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