Mexican band dedicates song to Tri de Martino, has gone around the world

Song dedicated to the Tri / Gerardo Martino
Song dedicated to the Tri / Gerardo Martino


The day of truth has arrived, the day when it will be known if the Mexican team They will go to the Round of 16 or stay in the group stage. It should be remembered that El Tri has not been eliminated in the group stage since the World Cup in Argentina in 1978, so Martino and his pupils have it in their hands to continue with said record.

Unfortunately, some fans do not share the optimism that the players should have prior to their duel against Saudi Arabiasince they consider that it will be “more of the same” against a Harvé Renard team that surprised in the World Cup thanks to its outstanding victory against Argentina.

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Now a song by the regional music band has gone around the world due to its ingenuity. We are talking about the band the addictive, who showed his nostalgia by missing figures like Javier Hernández or Rafa Márquez. However, the song shows support for the Tri to be able to move on to the next round.

What does the song say?

“We have not scored a single goal and the third game is coming up / Don’t put compa Jiménez in anymore, it’s good but right now that pleb is not a million. /On Wednesday we play with Arabia and that is the decisive factor, /If we don’t /score more than four goals, we’re lost, /Don’t be scared of course we can, /And if we don’t advance, we’ll see you here for the next one / Come on Mexico!”, So says the lyrics of the song that I know so far. It has gone viral on social media.

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