Meghan Markle suffered death threats in the UK

The head of the anti-terrorism division of the British police, Neil Basu, assured that the former American actress Meghan Markle suffered “disgusting” death threats by racist groups while He was an active member of the British royal family.

Basu, Britain’s top ethnic minority police official, admitted that in his role he had to deal with credible threats from far-rightists against the Duchess of Sussez and her husband, Prince Harry, the youngest son of the current King Charles III.

His statements, in an interview with the British channel Channel 4 on Tuesday night, reinforce the fears expressed by Enrique, 38, about the security of the mestizo exactriz whom he married in 2018.

Citing pressure from the British tabloid press and a hostile environment towards Meghan, 41the couple left the royal family in 2020 and moved to the United States.

Basu, who will soon leave his post after 30 years at Scotland Yard, said that the death threats against the Duchess they were “disgusting and very real”.

“We had teams to investigate them and there were people prosecuted for those threats,” added.

Harry has publicly criticized the coverage of Meghan in some media outlets and condemned the “blatant racism of social media trolls and comments on articles on the web.”

The couple went so far as to accuse an unnamed member of the royal family itself of racism, in an explosive 2021 interview with American television star Oprah Winfrey.

Basu, whose father is Indian, also criticized the “awful” rhetoric about migrants from some prominent conservative politicians of Asian origin.

The interior minister, the ultra-conservative Suella Braverman, described Albanian asylum seekers as “criminals”.

Braverman, who is also of Indian origin, defends a controversial plan by the British government to deport migrants and refugees who arrive in the UK illegally to Rwanda, an African country 6,500 km from London. Denounced by several organizations, the project is being evaluated by justice.

“I speak about racial issues because I am a 54-year-old mixed-race man,” Basu said, acknowledging that this may have prevented him from being appointed to the head of the National Crime Agency.

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