Karma reached Gabriel Soto, they reveal what the actor would have found Irina Baeva on the cell phone

Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva
Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto continue to talk about their alleged breakup and more because they have not wanted to confirm it. Now it came to light in the Venga la Alegría program that the actor would have decided to cancel the wedding after he found messages with other men on Irina’s cell phone.

More news from Gabriel Soto:

Adding to the behavior of the actress because they assure that she became violent. A few days ago at a fashion event she said again that they were fine, which, if they wanted to believe that they weren’t, was also valid.

Also, the source from the TV show said that they broke up 4 months ago, due to lack of trust. And who would be the third in contention is the Venezuelan actor Emmanuel Palomares, the Russian’s ex-boyfriend.
The strongest thing is that they assure that Irina assaulted Gabriel Soto on several occasions after he claimed her for her unfair acts towards him.

Who is Emmanuel Palomares?

The Venezuelan actor came to Mexico to study at the CEA of televisa, it was there that he met Irina Baeva and they became a couple for more than three years, since neither knew the city, but they faced everything alone. Irina was already starting to appear in soap operas, but they were secondary roles, until in Vino el Amor she achieved the leading role with Gabriel Soto. Emmanuel was on the same path, but in the end he decided to break up with the actress, shortly after he began the controversial courtship with Gabriel Soto.

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