How to increase survival from lung cancer?

The lung cancer You must have a first and last name in order to develop the personalized medicine that each patient requires. Thanks to this, it has been possible 60% of those affected can still be alive 5 years after their diagnosis while with another type of treatment They only manage to live one year.

This was pointed out by experts on the subject of lung cancer in a virtual conference. Isabela Rivas, medical leader for this disease, pointed out that this cancer is the leading cause of death by cancer worldwide and fourth cause in Mexico, which means that every day 16 Mexicans die for this reason.

not only the smoking cause lung cancer

Miryana Pérez Vela Nieto, director of the Alba Foundation, indicated that beyond the smoking There are others risk factor’s for this cancer, and exemplified with people who are exposed to wood smoke or coal, since 30% of the patients were in that situation.

He stressed that new sources of financing are required to be able to attend to all the patients who need it and recalled the old demand so that the taxes collected from the sale of cigarettes and junk food are dedicated at least to Health sector and that something of that reaches the cancer care.

Dr. Abelardo Meneses, director of the National Institute of Cancerology, has pointed out on various occasions that these taxes should be “labeled” for care of ills that these products cause, that is, that these incomes are directed to a specific purpose, which is cancer care.

Miryana stressed the need to have resources and mentioned that there is already funsabi and that programs can be supported through annex 13 of the budget.

Your doctor sought information on what is funsabi and found nothing on the internet. She was asked to an institution Health and we are waiting for an answer.

Knowing the types and subtypes of cancer increases survival

Dr. Isabela Rivas stressed that before knowing the name and surname of each cancer (types and subtypes) there was only one 5 year survival for 5% of those affected.

Miryana Pérez said that together with the Colegio de México they carried out a study on Cancer and Inequality in Mexico, with which it became evident that the social variables significantly affect the health and mortality of the Mexicans.

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For example, in the north of the country there are more cancer cases but there is more death in Veracruz and Chiapas. And this is explained by economic reasons and the availability of specialists in the north of the country. “The challenge is how to get the new treatments to the most vulnerable populations”.

Costs of treatment are not accessible to all patients

In a report published by SuMédico on November 17, the testimony of a man sick with lung cancer, from a town in Oaxaca. And he told us that he did not have any type of social security and that the medicine he needed cost around 40,000 pesos. “When I heard that it was my second death sentence,” he said.

Fortunately, he found the support of the organization Breathing with Couragewhich is one of the three that has formed a front against el lung cancer (the others are Fundación de Alba and Fundación Salvati), which provides the medicine.

The director of the Alba Foundation recalled that Mexico does not have a Cancer Prevention and Control Program (which has already been worked on by the National Institute of Cancerology, was presented to various legislators and authorities of the Secretariat of Healthbut it has not been incorporated into the General Law of Health), nor with the National Cancer Registry.

This institution had already begun to operate in some cities but did not obtain a budget and stopped working.


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