Everyone killed Funes Mori, now they want him: GignacHalftime

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Rogelio Funes Mori has not seen action with the Mexican National Team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in which El Tri has not scored goals, so there are many fans who ask for minutes.

Given this, Tigres striker André-Pierre Gignac, who made his debut as an analyst for Fox Sports, defended the Twin and recalled that everyone used to kill him before.

“Everyone killed him for being naturalized, whether they want it or not, he is a player who can be the difference; he has presence, definition, he scored incredible goals,” said Gignac about the top scorer in the history of Monterrey.

“Henry had a very good season with América, Raúl very recently was incredible, we have what we need up front,” he added about the other forwards for Mexico.

What did Tata Martino say?

Gerardo Martino gave his explanation of why Funes Mori has not played for a minute, although he is expected to give him a chance this Wednesday against Saudi Arabia.

“Well, Rogelio did not play for a matter of choice, whenever a footballer is not there. We have had the 26 players available in the two games and those who were not there were for reasons of choice, there is no other argument,” he explained.

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