Yuri leaves everyone shocked by his new face at 58 years old

The singer is being accused of abusing cosmetic treatments and followers allege that she “wrecked her face.”

The Mexican singer Yuri is peppered with controversy. At 58 years old, she is being accused of abusing surgeries.

The questions arose after the interpreter of “Detrás de mi ventana” posted a video in which the followers assured that they see her with a totally different face.

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The famous became the center of attention on social networks. Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CWAHlWkr0eJ/

“What happened to his face. It looks like Madonna”, “Please don’t do anything to your face, you’ll look like Gloria Trevi without eyes”, “And I was saying Yuri hasn’t lost her features, but today she looks so different or I don’t know if they’re filters but for nothing to do”, and I thought she was an imitator, she looks weird”, were some of the comments left by her followers.

Despite the criticism, Yuri has neither admitted nor denied having undergone cosmetic treatment.

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