Will Benzema return to Qatar 2022? The words of Didier DeschampsHalftime

The situation of Karim Benzema, who landed on the island of Reunion on Tuesday, Not a part “of the things that occupy my mind”, declared the French coach Didier Deschampswho prefers to take care of “the 24 players who are here”, in the World Cup with the French team.

Low for the World Cup after injury in Qatar, Benzema arrived on Tuesday morning, around 5:20 a.m. GMT, on the island of Reunion, according to AFP, the day after rumors arose in Spain about a possible return to training with the real Madrid ahead of schedule.

The Ballon d’Or 2022, in a private visit, will spend a week in the Indian Ocean, according to a source close to the player. He arrived at Roland Garros international airport in Sainte Marie without commenting. Wearing comfortable clothes and a red cap, he rode directly into an SUV.

When asked about the player of the real Madridstill present in the official list of the Bleus in the World Cup, Didier Deschamps cleared the question. “You look for things there …”, she replied at the press conference prior to the Tunisia-France on Wednesday, which will close the group stage.

They are not things that worry me. I spoke with Karim after he left, they know his situation and his recovery period,” the French coach continued.

“I take care of the 24 players who are here. I leave that to them if they want to talk, debate, imagine. I’m not going to comment on things that don’t affect our day to day”, he concluded.

Benzema It was declared low for the World Cup on November 19, after suffering a thigh injury in training. The French Federation assessed that he would need three weeks off.

Deschamps did not replace the Frenchman of his call-up and the Real Madrid attacker is still on the official list of Les Bleus in the World Cup. During the first two games, his name was present on the team list, with the mention “absent”.

When asked by AFP, the FIFA He specified that in the event of a title, he would award a medal to each player and that Benzema “would have the right” to abut that the decision to consider him as world champion ultimately depended on the French team.

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