What does Argentina need to reach the round of 16 in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? What crosses and rivals can touch him?

(CNN Spanish) — Argentina managed to keep the illusion alive in Qatar after beating Mexico 2-0 on Saturday. However, they still have not secured a ticket to the round of 16. These are the mathematics behind Group C of the 2022 World Cup.

With two games played, Poland leads Group C with 4 points. They are followed by Argentina and Saudi Arabia with 3 points each, but Argentina is in second place for the best goal difference (it has +1 while the Asians have -1) and Mexico is in last place with one point after the draw with the European team and the defeat against the albiceleste.

What does Argentina need to go to the round of 16?

  • If Argentina beats Poland, the classification to the World Cup is assured. The position will depend on what happens in the other game on date 3, in which Mexico and Saudi Arabia face each other. If the albiceleste wins and Mexico beats them or draws with Saudi Arabia, they go first. If the Middle Eastern nation triumphs over El Tri, they would be left with 6 points as Argentina and the position would be decided by goal difference. The Arabs are bound to win by 2 more goals than Argentina does.
  • If Argentina draws with Polandremains with 4 points in the table and can qualify, but it depends on what happens in the match between Mexico and Saudi Arabia.
    • If Saudi Arabia wins, they would be left with 6 points, first in the table, and would qualify together with Poland, which with a draw with the albiceleste would be left with 5 points. In that case, Argentina would be left out.
    • If Saudi Arabia and Mexico tie, the Saudis and Argentina would have the same number of points: 4. Thus, Poland would win the group with 5 points, and Argentina would advance in second place, since they have a better goal difference than the Saudis.
    • If Saudi Arabia loses, Argentina and Mexico would both be left with 4 points and it would be defined by goal difference. Before the date is played, Argentina has +1 and Mexico -2, so El Tri would be forced to beat the Asians by 4 goals to qualify second.
  • If Argentina loses to Polandshe is out no matter what happens in the other match.
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What crosses and rivals can touch him if he advances to the next phase?

The two teams from Group C that advance to the next stage will face the two countries that have qualified for the round of 16 from Group D. There is one opponent from that group that is already known, France, and another that depends on the results of the third date. At the moment, the other three teams that are part of the group are still in the race: Australia, Denmark and Tunisia.

For now, La Scaloneta can qualify for first or second place, depending on what happens this week on the third date of the group stage, which runs until December 2 included.

If they qualify first, they will play against the team that ranks second from Group D on Saturday, December 3. If you qualify in second place, you will have to face off on Sunday, December 4, with whoever ranks first from D.

For the moment, as one of the qualifiers of Group D has not yet been defined, Argentina could face in the round of 16 against any of the four teams that make it up, that is, against France —Russian 2018 champion—, Australia, Denmark or Tunisia.

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