The son of Eduardo Capetillo did what the sons of Eugenio Derbez did not do

children of celebrities
children of celebrities

Eduardo Capetillo jr, 28 years old, wants to start his career in the world of music, without help from anyone, including his famous parents Biby Gaytan and Eduardo Capetillo.

He assures that he is not interested in collaborations at the moment; He knows that the mixture of talents, ideas, emotions, creates new things but he seeks to make his way independently: “For now I am not going to do any collaboration, neither with my parents, nor with people I admire because before asking I a favor of that nature, even if they are my parents, I want to show what I can do, I want to show my talent, I don’t want to ask for favors without first showing, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with myself”.

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Unlike the Derbez, they did not take the same attitude as Capetillo jr, because they did use their father’s name and fame to be able to shine in show business from a young age and now more than they have a presence in Hollywood.

What children of celebrities take advantage of their parents’ fame?

Several celebrities seek to venture their children into shows, but not all want to “hang” on the fame of their parents if not try to achieve it alone, others prefer to take advantage of the opportunity, such is the case of Celia Lora, to any place She would say her last name to get what she wanted, another case is that of Frida, daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, who has lived on her last name for many years.

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