The movement that is spreading in the sanitary act

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the San Pablo CEU University, Tomás Chivato, delves into this topic for El Debate

A movement related to the humanization of the sanitary act is spreading, rather a maintenance. The relationship between the person in pain, fear, illness and the professional who wants to help them has always been a human act.

Dr. Nicos Costanos, from Barcelona, ​​is encouraging different medical faculties throughout Spain to join the Hippocratic movement. It is a movement in which a bust of Hippocrates, the father of health science medicine, is installed in such a way that together with a tree that comes from the island of Kos and with the collaboration of the Greek Embassy, All these faculties, including ours, adhere to this Hippocratic movement. In it, words such as humanization, humanism and the humanities are fundamental.

“Everything related to technique, science, technology and everything that is coming from artificial intelligence, bioinformatics is great,” says Chivato.

All this makes us make a more precise medicine, but we must never forget everything related to the human facet, which is intimately related between that, that communication, that relationship between the person who needs help and the person who is going to help; the sanitary act, the medical act.

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