The 50 million for which Canelo Álvarez fights with Messi

Álvarez and what he would charge for a fight with Messi
Álvarez and what he would charge for a fight with Messi

Saul Alvarez He heated up on social networks after the issue of the Mexico shirt was raised and what happened inside the dressing room, where Lionel Messi was caught stepping on the jersey of the Mexican team.

It is that in the networks, the communicator insinuated that he would give Messi a beating if he saw him in front, after the fever that was generated by the viral video that ended up showing what was lived inside the dressing room of the Argentine team .

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It is that if there were a fight between Saul Alvarez yy Lionel Messi, the issue of the money it would generate would be impressive, but Álvarez would receive a significant amount, due to the contract he has signed with a player

Why does Canelo fight with Messi?

According to the daily AS, Canelo would charge 53 million dollars, an insured bag for the boxer thanks to a contract that guarantees this payment, by the company DAZN. Now Álvarez needs to move in networks, to rekindle his image and generate expectations for his next fight.

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