Summary of the game South Korea vs Ghana (2-3). GOALSHalftime

Mohammed Kudusalways attentive and without stopping looking at the ball, just in case the ‘damn doubts’, and before the fault of his partnerwas ready for dunk with billiards shot the winning goal for your squad; Inaki Williamsof Athletic Clubwithout a mark and facing the goal, erred rudely, but his botchfor just a scratch, surely will count as assistance.

South Korea 2-3 Ghana. Great match in the Education City Stadiumwith two teams always in search of victory and therefore delivering a great show for the grandstand.

The Ghanaian squad added his first three points in this world Qatar 2022 and reactivates his sneak options to Round of 16while the Koreans, with just one, already they have it more complicated.

Reaction and goals…

The south koreansa painting dressed in an enviable tactic, but with a certain self-confidence forever try to be purposefulwith great enthusiasm they bit and became owners of the round.

with that plan press and retrieve immediately to attack the rival, they were able to put the game where they wanted, against a opponent that was slow to establish in the green rectangle.

However, and as the minutes went by, and already better established, the team led by otto addo He had an answer, in such a way that he managed to put together some good offensives, but, also, with everything and that the dominator was the one in front, got up on the scoreboard.

​play of fixed tacticseemed to be the hand of one of the offenders, although the whistle did not invalidate the shot of Mohammed Salisu Abdul Karimcentral defender of the southampton of the premier league; 0-1 to the 24′.

And as much as usually happens, with respect to the psychological momentsit was a catapult for the white dressesWell, now they were the ones they took the ball and generated the dangerous plays in attack.

Ten minutes later, and like a most persistent awardthe squad of the call Dark Continent he put the second to the electronic, to the 3. 4′.

Center from the band that came out of the feet of jordan ayewthe one of crystal palace englishwhich combed in the background Kudusof ajaxpartner of Edson Alvarez Y Jorge Sanchez (0-2).

Despite the slight reaction of the Asians to try to get closer, at rest the score remained with two against for them.

crazy party

Connected, just as they went to the locker room, The Black Stars they had a reboot in the quick plugin knocking on the opposite door.

Shot from the right side of English origin, Tariq Kwame Nii-Lante Lampteybut this one came out just off track.

And the answer, because the asian tigers They aimed to stand up, it was with a good header from Cho Gue Sungbut with a better deviation from goalkeeper Lawrence Ati-Zigi.

I turn to the meeting, because the best version of those of paulo bentothat in four minutes they achieved the match with two heads of his number ‘9’, Gue Sung.

First, to 58′lay down to burst the nets (1-2) and then he came from behind to chip the ball to the bottom (61′) and deliver the 2-2.

However, and because the duel was already give and take, returning to any blow, Mohammed, the ’20’, scored his double at 68′ for him final 2-3since despite the closure stoning the ranch of South Koreafell short in his attempt to equalize, coupled with the fact that the referee did not let him collect the last corner kick in compensation time.


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