Neither Martino nor De Luisa, Faitelson uncovers the sellouts of El Tri against Argentina

Faitelson unloads against those responsible for the failure of Mexico
Faitelson unloads against those responsible for the failure of Mexico

ESPN sports analyst David Faitelson acknowledged that the defeat against Argentina is not only the responsibility of Gerardo Martino or several players in the Mexican team, but that there would be a much larger entity to whom El Tri’s shortcomings should be attributed.

David Faitelson assured that above the head of Yon de Luisa, president of Femexfut, would be the presence of the Televisa Group, which would control not only the image and television rights of the Mexican team, but thanks to its decisions, Mexican soccer has declined notably.

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After several decades in which the president of the Mexican Federation has a direct connection with Televisa, the Mexican team has not been able to transcend in the World Cups, affirms the ESPN sports journalist who believes that Mexico could change its face if Televisa leaves El Tri.

Will Gerardo Martino continue in the Mexican National Team?

For David Faitelson, the Argentine coach Gerardo Martino would have completed his process for the Mexican National Team once Mexico ends up eliminated in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, since he has no arguments left to stay in the Mexican team.

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