Low blow for Eric del Castillo, the actress who preferred a romance with Andrés García than with Kate’s father

Eric del Castillo and Andres Garcia
Eric del Castillo and Andres Garcia

Eric del Castillo, the first actor of the Golden Age, came to work with Silvia Pinal in movies and soap operas, and from there a great friendship was born that little by little sparked rumors of a possible courtship between them. In Soy tu dueña Eric played a suitor for Pinal, which increased people’s interest in knowing if they were a couple or not.

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Over the years they have forged a great friendship despite the fact that everything indicated that in their youth they had more than just a relationship of friends. It was until the tribute to Silvia Pinal for 70 years of career that Eric del Castillo declared that the admiration of her made the leading actress if she went beyond the professional, but she never gave more, that she even regrets.

How long did the romance between Andrés García and Silvia Pinal last?

Rumors also arose that Silvia had an affair with Andrés García even while she was married to Enrique Guzmán. On her YouTube channel, Andrés said that he was fascinated by her and that he also regrets not having been with her, because they both had commitments and the opportunity was gone.

He also said that Enrique Guzmán never liked him, it seemed that he was jealous of him, he still does not know the reason.

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