Did you want to resign from the Mexico National Team? This is what is known about Gerardo “Tata” Martino

“I think that in the 60th minute it was Argentina’s goal and we thought that the wear on the forwards would be great and we would have to change them. With those of Vega and Chuky Lozano who requested it, we returned to our system. We clearly missed the first goal and Messi hurt you in five minutes, even though he didn’t do anything before, ”Martino stressed.

After the defeat last Saturday, November 26, Mexico is last in Group C and is on the verge of elimination with the match against Saudi Arabia remaining.

“As long as you have possibilities, you always have to try. Arabia also has them like us. Those of us who compete are used to getting up. It’s hard. The second goal from Poland and the second from Argentina did more damage, ”he summed up.

“When there are still chances, few because we need the other game to have a winner. The team faced a great candidate with great dignity and I have no doubts that is why we are going to give everything we can until the end”, insisted the Mexico coach.

Andrés Guardado was injured in the final stretch of the first part. “Andrés had a muscle injury. We play with the same solvency. Argentina did not have clear chances and their goals are from outside the area. Losing the team captain in the first half is a heavy blow. But Guti did it well”.

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Mexico changed its way of playing against Argentina. Martino imposed a different approach, with five defenders. “We thought it was the best way to face Argentina. We were interested in going to space. The changes were planned in search of the bands and the space and we may not get it in the expected way.

“As long as we have options we will try. We need to score at least three goals”, insisted Martino.

The occasions that “Tata” Martino wanted to resign from the Mexican National Team

After the defeat against Argentina, “Tata” Martino became the villain of the Mexican fans and international media revealed that on some occasions the coach wanted to leave the Aztec team.

The first time Martino tried to leave the Mexico national team came in 2021, after losing to the United States and Canada in the knockout round. However, the footballers convinced him and he continued until he qualified for Qatar 2022.

According to reports, the second time that “Tata” Martino wanted to leave the Aztec team was last July, when the Mexican Soccer Federation fired Gerardo Torrado, until then director of national teams.

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According to international media, Martino showed loyalty and gratitude to the managers who took him to Mexico. However, it was Torrado himself who convinced him to continue with the process and focus on the team in Qatar 2022.

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