A camel and a falcon, to the rescue of El Tri in Qatar

After a understandable gray Sunday, with dull attitudes, long faces and a sadness that could be felt in the atmosphere of the mexican concentrationthe Mexican Soccer Federation dealt with the issue with two actions that went down very well with the players, who during practice on Monday afternoon returned to laugh and show that good vibe that had characterized the group, until the loss to Argentina.

First, they opened the doors of the Simaisma, To Murwab Resort, hotel of concentration of the national set, so that the families will visit and they took a camel and a falcon for everyone to take a souvenir photo… which, depending on Wednesday’s result against Saudi Arabia, could end up as a good memory or a moment to be forgotten.

there was also group talk with Parma Aragón, the sports psychologist from El Tri, who brought together those selected to talk about the frustration generated for Saturday’s defeat and give them tools to get it out and overcome it. The exercise lasted about 45 minutes..

Shield/Team Flag

Both actions helped the atmosphere of tension will lighten and so the jokes, laughter and good collective dynamics returned to the training held behind closed doors at the Al Khor Stadium.

In said practice, Gerardo “Tata” Martino returned to his base team and lined up with Guillermo Ochoa in the bow; Jorge Sánchez, Héctor Moreno, César “Cachorro” Montes and Jesús Gallardo, in defensive sector; Edson Alvarez, Hector Herrera and Luis Chavez, in midfield, and with Hirving Lozano and Alexis Vega in an offensive zone completed by Henry Martin and Rogelio Funes Moriwho alternated at the tip of the attack for the greens.

Thanks to the actions of the FMF described above, the Mexican team managed to regain concentration, security and joy.

Now it will be necessary for him “Tata” do what is necessary to restore order and the good soccer of their teams before Wednesday’s game, transcendental to stay in the tournament or return home.


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