What does Ecuador need to qualify for the round of 16 in the Qatar World Cup?

The Ecuadorian National Team depends on itself to qualify for the round of 16 of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Photo: Diego Pallero/El Comercio.

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After the second date of Group A of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the Ecuador national team add four points and depends on herself to qualify for the round of 16.

On the first date, Ecuador defeated Qatar in the opening match, which meant a historic triumph in the World Cups because for the first time a host lost in their debut.

While, on the second date they tied the Netherlands, despite the fact that the Tri was vastly superior.

On the last day of the Group Phase of the World Cup Qatar 2022the Ecuadorian National Team will face Senegal, which also has a chance of qualifying for the round of 16.

What are the favorable scenarios for Ecuador?

so that the Ecuador national team qualify for the round of 16 of the World Cup there are three possible scenarios. La Tri can win, tie or lose and still advance to the next round.

Currently, the Group A table is found like this:

  • Netherlands 4 points (DG 2).
  • Ecuador 4 points (DG 2).
  • Senegal 3 points (DG 0).
  • Qatar 0 points (DG -4).

*The Netherlands beats Ecuador by the ‘Fairplay’ tiebreaker.

DG: Goal difference.

Triumph, the ideal scenario

If the Ecuadorian National Team wins its match against Senegal would add six points and would not need a result to advance to the next round.

In addition, there is a possibility that the Tri classifies as first of the groupas long as the Netherlands draw, lose or win by fewer goals than Ecuador.

The tie, the scenario to ensure

In the event that Ecuador draws against Senegal, La Tri would add five points and leave the African team with no chance of advancing to the round.

You can also qualify as first in the group if you Netherlands loses against Qatar.

Defeat, the worst possible scenario

not equator can afford lose, since it is the only result in which he does not depend on himself to qualify.

In case Senegal wins, the Africans will advance to the round of 16 and Ecuador would need the Netherlands to lose against Qatar by a goal difference greater than the defeat of the Tri.

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