The video of Enzo Fernández’s goal that was not seen on TV and makes Argentina cry… and Mexico too

Enzo Fernández scoredó  Argentina's second goal against Mexico (Photo by: Maja Hitij - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Enzo Fernández scored Argentina’s second goal against Mexico (Photo by: Maja Hitij – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Enzo Fernandez, from one moment to the next, burned all the hopes of the Mexicans in Qatar 2022. Messi had already placed the first and immovable slab on the tricolor team. Enzo, did a genius to put the second final goal in favor of the albiceleste squad. In 25 minutes, both players gave a coup of authority and made all of Mexico pray.

Argentine fans exploded in jubilation after seeingr how Messi, with a low and accurate kick, put them ahead on the scoreboard. A move that came after struggling throughout the game to find the ideal space to score. It was not something that he took out of the hat, he simply knew how to be where he always was and defined as always. But the second goal, perhaps, was more charged with emotion for the sky-blues and charged with anguish for the Mexicans. It was a cry that had been drowned out since the first game and that found its way out at the right time.

Rodrigo De Paul lined up to collect a corner kick, he played it short with Messi –as always– and La Pulga found Fernández free without even thinking about what the latter was going to do. On the borders of the large Mexican area, Fernández received and had the nerve to throw a bicycle under the nose of Erick Gutiérrez who only tried to shade him. Enzo cut to the left of him and defined Guillermo Ochoa’s far post. In the next act: total Argentine madness overwhelmed at the Lusail Stadium. The author of the goal shed tears, the same ones that Mexicans and Argentines shed when his goal fell.

The total number of attendees was close to 90,000, something that had not happened in a World Cup building for a long time. They all witnessed the Mexican debacle. From the disappointment caused by his team on the field, who believed they could do the feat as they did with Germany four years ago and ended up running into an albiceleste machine that only knew how to score real great goals for them.

Photo: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Photo: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

The result did not assure Argentina anything, however, it is a small respite after the catastrophe that caused their defeat against Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the Mexican team will have to readjust and wait for a miracle if they want to qualify for the next round.


“It’s good that we didn’t change the Angel for Ochoa”: they harass Mexico with everything for their defeat against Argentina

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