JLO has the look of this winter

jennifer lopez christmas look

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Jennifer Lopez announced yesterday in the least expected way (by going back in time to her album… ‘This is me Then’) with everything that has happened in the last twenty years.

He did it by deleting all the posts from his Instagram account, the way to do it was by posting a video where he announced that he would release a new album in 2023. This release is not just any, but rather coincides with the twentieth anniversary of when he released that 2002 album. Jennifer’s new album, quite aptly, is called ‘This Is Me…Now’. That’s how she was in 2002 and that’s how she is 20 years later.

A look that we can perfectly copy

After this tremendous launch, we see her walking with her husband Ben Affleck with a look that is worth copying for Christmas.

The first thing that caught our attention is her Christmas sweater, which is a fantasy, by the way.. Christmas sweaters are one of the great illusions of this time, also, they cannot be used in the rest of the year without looking bad, so now is the time to buy one.

But JLO wears it in a way that we love, with a thin black belt to mark the waist and combines it with a very flowing and light long black tulle skirt that has two beautiful slits on the sides.

So we can perfectly copy this look because we can get both garments in different patterns., colors or textures, but they serve as inspiration. Today we can start thinking about wonderful sweaters to wear on this autumn day that is almost winter, perhaps the skirt would be an option at night.

jennifer lopez christmas look


jennifer lopez christmas look


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