Álvaro Morales destroys Guillermo Ochoa and Gerardo Martino

Mexico lost to Argentina this Saturday night at the Lusail Stadium and thereby compromised their qualification to the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup 2022. The reactions in the Mexican soccer union did not wait and there were those who criticized the tactical approach of Gerardo Martino, among them Álvaro Morales.

The ESPN commentator said that Martino is the “Trojan Horse” in the Mexican team and never knew how to motivate his players. “What can we expect when he gave (Argentina) the game tactically, when he couldn’t motivate these players, when he made terrible changes… what could we expect? We have the Trojan Horse at home.”

The controversial ESPN analyst also took the opportunity to throw a dart at Guillermo Ochoa, believing that he contributed to Argentina’s first goal. “Messi had done absolutely nothing until the goal, which could have stopped Guillermo Ochoa. I’m very upset, (the ball) misses a centimeter”, express.

Mexico and its ‘final’ against Saudi Arabia

The last test for Mexico in the group stage will be Saudi Arabia. Both teams will face each other next Wednesday, November 30 at the Lusail Stadium and only victory could give Mexico their ticket to the Eighth Finals, so from the beginning they should start without speculation and with an interesting offensive proposal.

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