Thalía suffers from a serious illness that has changed her life

In recent years, the singer Thalía has suffered a drastic change in her habits as a result of a health situation that led the artist to completely modify her lifestyle, this to alleviate the severe pain that affects her.

It is Lyme disease, which she contracted after being bitten by a tick a few years ago. As a result, she has experienced ailments such as fever, skin rashes and sometimes swollen lymph nodes.

For those of you who don’t know, this is a bacterial infection that is spread through the bite of one of several types of ticks. Black-legged ticks, known as deer ticks, are the carriers of these bacteria, of which he was a victim Thalia.

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Thalía suffers from this serious disease that has changed her life. Source: Instagram

In a post, he explained about this situation, alleviating the concern of his fans due to his state of health.

12 years ago I contracted this disease. Now I feel fantastic thanks to the treatments that I have followed, a change of healthy life, healthy eating, exercise and a positive mind,” he declared in this regard.

She then went on to encourage those like her who suffer from this terrible disease: “If you find yourself struggling with this disease, get the RIGHT help right away! This battle can be won, but we need each other as a support network and information”.

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