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It was not necessary to deploy an operation with snipers and video cameras to materialize the arrest warrant against me. I was always ready to appear, as the prosecutors in the case in the United States know.. The deprivation of my liberty in a high-security cell was unnecessary when, during my 69 years of life, I have never been linked to a criminal action.”

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Those are the first known words of Nancy González de Barberi, the renowned designer of handbags and accessories for the jet set worldcaptured, on July 8 in her luxurious apartment in Cali, for extradition purposes.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the Police Carabineros captured Nancy Teresa González in Cali.

The lady, a relative of politicians, jumped from the European catwalks and fairs in the United States and Hong Kong to the pavilion of extraditables from the El Buen Pastor women’s prison in Bogotá.

The last thing that was known about his case is that sent a letter to Supreme Court magistrate Fernando Bolañosto qualify for simplified extradition.

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His lawyer, criminal lawyer Jaime Lombana, spoke in the same sense, who stressed to the Court that It is not a dangerous criminal, but a “creative artist with worldwide recognition”.

Salma Hayek, Britney Spears; Kris Jenner, mother of the Kardashians, and even the stars of Sex And The City have appeared wearing their designs.

Case, under review?

Jaime Lombana, lawyer for Nancy González.

The evidence against him in the United States includes testimonies from one of his former employees who told how González paid a ticket and 600 dollars in travel expenses. so that third parties could travel carrying their wallets and pass them off as gifts, violating export regulations (see box).

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That’s why, the lawyer Lombana insists that extradition is the best way to face and solve his legal problem.

Nevertheless, EL TIEMPO established that the case could be reviewed after a couple of hearings that the designer has had with a delegate attorneyafter the Court sent a letter to establish why he requested an express extradition, if they insist on his innocence.

Nancy Teresa González de Barberi, was captured along with two other people.

The hypothesis of relatives is that He made that decision under pressure due to the situation he lives in prison.

He remains in a cell with three other people where there is only one cabin and two mattresses on the floor. Visits to the doctor are restricted and you are only given 8 bottles of water for the week. The people who remain there are prosecuted for drug trafficking and other crimes. Nor can they go to other patios or to the chapel,” a source from Inpec told EL TIEMPO.

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and although part of González’s family is abroad, the source said that a couple of lawyers have visited her, whom she receives in a small room with bars and a limited light, which barely allows reading the documents of the Court.

Police dogs, trained to detect fur smuggling, were taken to the operation at the designer’s house.

The ‘mea culpa’

The designer has told the Attorney General’s Office and the Court that after the death of her son Santiago BarberiIn 2017, he tried to maintain his business and personal life with no luck.

In that context, would have made formal errors seeking to fulfill commercial commitments. In any case, he points out that less than 2 percent of his exports to the United States had failures in procedures without leaving him direct profit..

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On her wish to be extradited, González told EL TIEMPO that despite having freely signed the application, she considers that she did so forced by the opprobrious conditionssubmission and danger in which it has been involved in the extraditable yard.

Nancy González was captured in her luxurious apartment in Cali.

Y relatives add that it is a place that presents serious conditions of overcrowding and personal and physical insecurity for all the inmates.

“She wants to face the process before the Court in dignified conditions, free from the constraints of the Florida Prosecutor’s Office, which is prosecuting her for alleged administrative irregularities in Colombia,” said a source close to the case.

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and maintains that In the United States, an accusation was built against him for an alleged criminal conspiracy that does not exist and could not exist, if one takes into account that his company legally exported more than 95 percent of the handbags and accessories with international certifications..

For this reason, she would have lost all hope of being tried in Colombia, where, she says, she could demonstrate that the crime with which she is accused does not warrant extradition.

The strings that have pulled

Nestor Osuna, Minister of Justice


Ministry of Justice

EL TIEMPO established that through people close to the designer He has informed the Attorney General’s Office; to the Minister of Justice, Néstor Osuna, and to the Presidency of the Republic their situation.

The idea is that these types of cases be reviewed and differentiated from others that involve the mafia and common crime.

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About, Experts agree that there are conducts (such as those in this case) that would not conform to the current treaty with the United States.

These are apparent national administrative offenses that can be disproved in a judicial setting, the informal preventive detention regime is disproportionate when it is not in any case possible crimes related to the fight against international crime,” said former magistrate and human rights expert Julio César Ortiz.

Francisco Bernte, criminal lawyer.

In the same sense, the criminalist Francisco Bernate pronounced.

There are excesses in the extraditable pavilions that have led the Constitutional Court to speak of inhumane conditions. When a person is required to be extradited, Colombian legislation, without any distinction, orders his capture, and he has no right to release due to the expiration of terms and he has no right to anything at all,” Bernate said.

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And he added that there should be a kind of bond for those who do not represent a flight risk or for those who commit an administrative offense do not end up in the same yard as dangerous criminals who are requested in extradition.

But for the Miami Court and for the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office there are sufficient legal elements to go ahead with the extradition of González and all legal requirements have been met. Now the Supreme Court – which reviews these cases from the formal and not the material – is expected to rule.

The evidence against you in the US

Nancy González, Diego Rodríguez and Jhon Aguilar were transferred to Bogotá, while their extradition process is completed.

The file against the designer Nancy González, in the United States, indicates that between February 4, 2016 and April 4, 2019, together with two employees of his company and others, smuggled into the United States close to one hundred unprocessed wallets and paid for a certificate called Cites, an acronym that stands for Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

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According to the accusation document, revealed by EL TIEMPO, Nancy González paid the ticket and $600 for people to take their bags to the United States. Based on this evidence, his capture was requested for extradition purposes and that of two other employees, Diego Mauricio Rodríguez and John Camilo Aguilar Jaramillo, who has a public defender.

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