‘Mexico must play Argentina without fear, as they do against Brazil’

Former Brazil player Cafú pointed out that Saudi Arabia showed the way for Mexico to beat Argentina; He also considers that his team can lift the cup without Neymar

The words of the Brazilian Cafú seem like a harangue for the Mexican team: “Mexico He has to play like Mexico, without fear, like he plays Brazil”. Immediately, the memory of the 1999 Confederations Cup final or the 2012 London Olympics; the courage needed by the group that now leads Gerardo Martino to beat the Argentina of Lionel Messi.

Argentina he is a difficult opponent. Mexico tied their first game and Argentina he lost in his debut. That is a difficult group, because Arabia won. Mexico have to play like Mexicowithout fear, how do you play Brazilto achieve their first victory in the World Cup”, recommends Cafu, two-time World Champion and ambassador of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in an exclusive interview with ESPN.

the victory of arabian about the albiceleste, or that of Japan about Germany, are the following references that the Brazilian full-back takes to recognize that Mexico can beat the team of Messi.

“Nothing is impossible; In soccer, nothing is impossible. Mexico has to prove that potential, and play with everything against Argentina”, acknowledged the World Cup ambassador Qatar 2022.

of the weaknesses of Argentina, cafu notes that Saudi Arabia taught the way, “play without fear” and “press”.

“The weakness of Argentina we saw her against Saudi Arabia: He put pressure on Argentina, without being afraid, and finished with two goals. When you play against Brazil or Argentina you must be fearless. Saudi Arabia is not afraid, it ended up beating Argentina”.

Brazil can be world champion without Neymar

Brazil celebrates the victory in the first match of the World Cup and cafu invites calm, after the injury reported by Neymar at the start of Qatar 2022.

“You can, if you’re not neymar you can be world champion. neymar He is a very big differentiator, but we cannot depend on him to be World champions”, says Cafú, a former player of the verdeamarela.

“I am not worried, neymar He is a player who has a very fast recovery capacity. He will recover to be with Brazil and continue in the world Cup. Brazil has players who are capable of supplying neymar. It is a crack, a differentiator, we hope that it can recover as quickly as possible “

Approves call for Dani Alves, Pumas player

Dani Alves’ call-up provoked criticism in Brazilbecause he plays in a lower level league than the rest of his teammates, although cafu approves the decision of the Verdeamarela coach, Tite, to take him to Qatar 2022.

“Honestly, I was not surprised, he is a highly capable player. He is a player with authority in the group. I have confidence in him and I absolutely know that he will be important to Brazil on the world Cup”.

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