Kiko reveals what were the last words that “Don Ramón” said to him before he died

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.- Mexican comedian Carlos Villagrán, known as Kiko, spoke for the first time about the last meeting he had with his classmate “The guy from 8” Ramon Valdes before dying in 1988 from a stomach cancer.

And it is that during the years that they worked in the famous Mexican show they forged a good friendship for which Kiko visited him in the hospital, as he confessed to the Argentine Shepherd Dante Gebel on your show Dante’s Divine Night.

“He was super simple, he was kind, friendly, he had tremendous mental agility and he adored children very much,” Villagrán mentioned.

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Kiko said that the father of The chilindrina he was about to leave when he visited him in the hospital. “I was very skinny, I started crying, we hugged because he was my best friend.”

Then he remembered that he told him: “Yeah, ya big cheek, don’t cry. What’s more, I wait for you there and I say, with the Lord? and he told me, don’t be an asshole, down there ”.

Villagrán is one of the few protagonists of the famous Chespirito series who are still alive and who continue to work with his iconic role.

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