Héctor Bonilla, renowned Mexican actor and director, dies

(CNN Spanish) — The actor, playwright and stage director Héctor Bonilla passed away this Friday, according to his family.

Sergio Bonilla, son of the Mexican writer, confirmed to CNN the death of his father, while Fernando Bonilla, the youngest of his three children, and also an actor and playwright, published a statement on his social networks to indicate that his father died surrounded by his inner circle after fighting cancer for four years.

Fernando Bonilla shared the video of a song by his father called “Testamento”. In it, with visual support from his staging, Héctor Bonilla highlighted the legacy that he would follow after his death.

“We are aware that Hector left an immeasurable legacy and many hearts will mourn his departure,” read in the statement. “As he wanted, we share with you the epitaph that Héctor wrote for himself several years ago: ‘The show is over. Don’t be fucking ****. He who saw me, he saw me. Nothing remains'”.

For its part, the Ministry of Culture regretted the death of the actor On twitter, and described him as “one of the best actors in Mexico.”

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, shared a photograph with the actor on social networks and the following message: “I regret the death of Héctor Bonilla, a great actor, honest and always with firm convictions. I hug Sofia, her children, her family and friends.

In 2019, the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) awarded him the Remarkable Trajectories of the Arts in Mexico recognition, for his 50 years dedicated to theater, film, and television.

According to the National Center for the Arts, Bonilla participated in more than 140 productions.

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