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The actress Alina Lozano, Remembered for her roles in novels such as ‘Pedro el Escamoso’ and ‘El último matrimonio feliz’, she has been on the lips of Colombians since last week when she kissed her boyfriend 30 years her junior in the middle of a ‘live’ interview. her, to reject the criticism of those who say that the relationship is a farce, because they are both actors.

But what has caused the most controversy among his followers is that, in the middle of the program, Lozano assured that there are men who have made “indecorous” proposals to her and have even offered her money to go out with her.

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This is the second time I have received improper proposals from a man.

Although for many Internet users Jim Velásquez, Alina Lozano’s current 23-year-old boyfriend, could be her grandson, for many others it was a feigned relationship to gain followers. LThe actress from ‘Pa’ quererte’ denied all these rumors when, in the middle of an interview for the ‘Tropicana’ station, she not only passionately kissed the young actor, but also made other confessions about the proposals that have reached her even at 53 years of age.

Without mincing words, Lozano pointed out that they have even offered him money in exchange for going out with her.

“I want to tell you one thing. It is the second time that I have received improper proposals from a man (…) The way these men look at me and other women seems pathetic and very sad. They have offered me money to go out with these people.”explained the actress.

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But the confession did not end there, since Lozano strongly rejected that these men acted as “predators and abusive towards women.”

And he pointed out that he felt that those same ones who made him “indecorous” proposals saw him only as “something they could buy.”

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A couple of weeks ago, the actress also sent a strong message through her Instagram account, where she has more than 236,000 followers, to reject the number of “indecent” comments she was receiving as a result of declaring that she was dating a person 30 years younger than her, assuring that she is not “any sexual object”.

In addition, with a video that he uploaded to the social network, he responded: “I don’t do couple content with a son or a grandson and that does seem crazy and absurd to me.”

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