Actor Héctor Bonilla passed away at the age of 83

Unfortunately this Friday, November 25, Héctor Bonilla died, at the age of 83, the first actor for some years had been fighting kidney cancer that was detected in late 2018. Until now, the cause of the producer’s death is unknown. , director and musician.

Hector Bonillawho was born in Tetela de Ocampo, Puebla, on March 14, 1939, studied at the National Theater School at the National Institute of Fine Arts, making his debut in 1962 in the film “Young and beautiful”which were followed by “Patsy my love”, “Red dawn”, “The lump”, “A father not so father”among many others.


The actor made more than 30 films, 25 plays, participated in dubbing in children’s films as Ratatouille, “The Jungle Book” where he did the voice of Baloo in and most recently in the movie “Coco”. On the small screen, she participated in more than 35 telenovelas, among which stand out “Isabela’s Passion”, “Wild Rose”, “Life in the Mirror”, “The Lord of the heavens” to name a few projects.

Héctor Bonilla had some health problems in the last years of his life, in May 2011 he underwent hip surgery due to cartilage wear, in 2014 he underwent a biopsy where they ruled out that he had skin cancer due to some spots on his chest that they had come out and in June 2017 while working on the play “Players” they detected a cyst on his left hand that had to be operated on.

Hector Bonilla dies

At the beginning of November 2018, during rehearsals for the play “The King’s Musketeers”, he began to feel bad, so a month later and after different studies they detected him kidney cancer right and began his treatment with little success.

In February 2019, the actor confirmed that he had cancer and that same year he underwent treatment that kept him physically better. At the beginning of 2020, Don Héctor published his willan emotional letter that circulated on social networks and with which said goodbye from his familyhis friends and his great lovethe scenery. And in the middle of that same year, he was operated on for a femur fractureconsequence of a fall in the filming of the second part of “A father not so father” next to Benny Ibarra.

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The first actor is survived by his widow Sofía Álvarez, with whom he was married for 38 years, his children Fernando, 36, Leonor, 57, and Sergio, 47, the last two, children of Socorro Bonilla, who was his first wife.

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