”What is this ghost talking about?”


Costa Rica suffered a humiliating defeat in his World Cup debut in Qatar. The ticos conceded seven goals from Spain and the criticism was not long in coming from the fans and the local press.

This is how the table of positions of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 goes

One of those who joined the harsh accusations against the team he leads Luis Fernando Suarez was the controversial david faitelson.

“Costa Rica must ‘renew’ itself. He cannot settle for coming to the World Cup to make a fool of himself, ”said the ESPN analyst on his official Twitter account.

However, those words did not go unnoticed and the Guatemalan Carlos “Pescadito” Ruiz He responded in the same way.

”Since 1996, the best team that has represented Concacaf in the World Cups has been Costa Rica, reaching the quarterfinals. What is this ghost talking about? Always underestimating Central America”, replied former striker Chapín.

But that was not the only message from Faitelson Against the Ticos: ”The Costa Rican team is slow and aging. He actually did a lot with being here…”

After the beating he gave them Spain, Costa Rica they have no room for mistakes in their next two group stage matches. One more defeat or even a draw next Sunday against Japan I would condemn them to elimination.

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